ANGRY BIRDS VS PLANTS: free online game

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Angry Birds has long been very popular, and each of their new version is very pleased with the players. This time you can enjoy the new mission, in which the birds will resist the plants. So, what is Angry Birds vs Plants?

Angry Birds vs Plants refers to games of logic, where you need to carefully think through every step in order to achieve the desired result. You can play online for free – everything is simple as usual, no convoluted rules. Now let us dive into the atmosphere of the Angry Birds vs Plants game…

What do you need to know?

The plants are the main opponents of our Angry Birds. Enemies who constantly encroach on the life and freedom of birds surround them from all sides. But Angry Birds do not lower wings, but on the contrary, they want, if not to destroy, then at least hack and show their detractors the power they have. Help Angry Birds deal with plants that still strive to eat the birds! Show your best!

Features to make your game better

Hungry plants need to feed a small red angry bird. To do this, click the mouse to remove unnecessary items that may prevent you from doing so. Moreover, during each round, you need to solve puzzles and closely monitor the course of the game, so as not to miss anything. Do not hurry, make informed decisions and only after that proceed to action. Try to score as many points as possible. To improve your skills, you can watch reviews on this game and use the tips of more experienced players.