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Candy Crush is one of the best games that has become the leader in sales for mobile devices. Now you can play it online for free. So, what is Candy Crush Online? Candy Crush Online game is a colorful game of attentiveness, the action of which takes place in a cozy shop of sweets. Here, sweet-tooths for all ages will meet candies in different skins. Green pads, bright orange candies, purple sweets in the shape of an appetizing flower – and this is not the whole range.

Features to make

The essence of Candy Crush Online is simple and clear: collect the same candy in rows – horizontally and vertically – and earn points on your account. For long chains consisting of four or more elements, you will get additional points. And a universal bonus will be at your disposal. Thus, if you collect 4 chips in a row, a candy that can hack a whole row or line will appear. For a combination of 5 in a row is given a bonus that removes all the candies of a particular color. Hint: it is best to swap such candy with some other bonus. For 5 candies, collected in the form of a corner, you get a bomb that explodes all the neighboring candies. In a difficult situation, this advantage does not hurt. Candy Crush contains a large number of levels. The transition between levels is possible only when the candy scale, which is located on the left side of the screen, will be fully filled.

Features to make your game better

Try to make a line as long as possible and the candy scale will fill up faster. In turn, it will help you to go to the next level. Every task should be treated with attention since you will be given a certain amount of time to complete it, and if you do not keep within this time, you will have to pass the level again. To know how much time is left – watch the countdown timer. Hurry up to score the necessary points earlier than the timer indicates zero! Now you know the rules, and it remains only to preview a couple of game reviews, arm yourself with a mouse and you can start swapping candies of different colors. The game is very bright and colorful and is suitable for entertainment for players of different ages. The graphics in the game are excellent, so you will play this exciting logic game with pleasure and enjoy your leisure time.

How to play for CANDY CRUSH ONLINE