SUPER MARIO RUN free online game

Each of us remembers interesting games with Mario. Today we have a great opportunity to travel in time and play online a new version of this game. So, what is Super Mario Run? The Super Mario Run game is the first officially implemented project, based on the adventures of a plumber Mario who is known since childhood. The good news is that you can play Super Mario Run for free.

What do you need to know?

Mario has been living for a long time. Therefore, he has a lot of experience to cope with various difficulties. Our hero stayed in a magical country in one of the country houses of the king. But the evil dragon ran into the castle and began to burn it with fire. The building caught fire, but Mario managed to jump out of it and now he needs to run away from the fire-breathing dragon. Your task is to help him with this and play your best. Mario will run at full speed. You cannot control him completely, but you can give a command when to jump so as not to collide with a wall or fall into a ravine. Traps and dips in the ground will fall on his way. He will jump over all obstacles at speed. At first, Mario will run slowly so that you can figure out the rules, then moderately quickly, and in the end, when you already run impressive distances, Mario will press the gas and run no worse than a cheetah or marathon runner. Your task is not to let him hurt himself.

Features to make your game better

The brave Mario will meet coins, bonuses and other interesting items on the way. Collect them in order to spend your money on building your own kingdom or on upgrading Mario. He will still need to fight his old enemies, as well as hack new ones. You can destroy them simply by jumping on top of them or kill them, finding some kind of weapon. Mario will be quite a deft and fast-moving character, so it is very important for you not to be late and jump or hit in time. Try to achieve maximum success, to surpass friends in the leadership table, performing acrobatic stunts. For passing all barriers, you may look through different game reviews from other users and do everything even perfectly.

How to play for SUPER MARIO RUN