TOMB RUNNER: free online game

A person, who has found out where the treasures are hidden, will no longer sit with folded arms and will want to play active games. Thus, it probably makes sense to tell you a little about Tomb Runner. So, what is Tomb Runner and what are its rules?

In Tomb Runner game, you have to play the role of tomb raider, who needs to escape from the wrath of the Pharaoh, collecting different treasures along the way. Your character travels all over the world, searching for ancient artifacts. Once he receives a timeworn map that indicates the location of the famous tomb full of treasures.

What do you need to know?

Indiana Jones, your hero, is happy about his luck and starts his travel, following map’s signs. When he found the tomb and successfully entered inside the cave, he accidentally pushed the hidden lever that lifted the chest. He got into the trap and there was no way to move further, and Indiana Jones should forget about the treasure and quickly get out.

There is the only road that leads from the tomb to a safe place. But this road will soon disappear, and it is necessary to run as fast as possible to avoid dangerous regions, jumping over stones and getting through narrow holes. Therefore, sometimes you have to duck and sometimes jump higher. Moreover, gold coins will be found on the way. In addition to this wealth, there will be many different antiques, which are also valuable.

Features to make your game better

You can easily play online for free. To move in the game Tomb Runner, use the arrow keys or those that are located at the underside of the screen. As you progress, try to collect precious stones. In addition, for the ancient relics, you can upgrade your character and buy new clothes for him.

When playing Tomb runner, you need a quick reaction to the ever-changing environment and agility in overpassing barriers. Do not skip turns because on a narrow stone walkway, it is easy to stumble and fall down, or some obstacles can hack you. To make your game the best, you can watch several game reviews of other players and learn something new from them. Remember, only having shown maximum dexterity and speed, it will be possible to set a record!

How to play for TOMB RUNNER