100 Balls: free online game

100 Balls is one of the best options for an unpretentious, but very exciting arcade game, which in order to win will require you only a good reaction, basic knowledge of physics and a small calculation. It belongs to the type of games, where you can train your accuracy, dexterity, and logic.

What is 100 Balls game?

100 Balls game is written in the genre of survival games: each full circle, which glasses make, is a transition to a new level, faster speed, more colors, and potential points. Moreover, you can play online for free.

The playing field with a mass of balls located in a plain chute will be opened before you. Another moment and you are fully armed with 8 glass cups, in which you have to collect these same balls. The rules of the game are very simple: one finger touch in any part of the screen and the balls rapidly fall down through a narrow funnel. For each ball, you get one point, so try to score as many balls as possible before time runs out.

Features to make your 100 Balls game better

After a few minutes of the game, you will see glasses of new colors, for entering which you will get more points. Green, blue, lilac, red glasses…

Your task is to preserve the received number of balls for as long as you can, periodically opening the bottom of the cup and emptying some of the circular objects into moving colored glasses. Getting into the glass, the balls are painted in its color and fall back into the main container. The cycle can continue until you miss and lose the last ball. Getting into the moving empty cups is not easy. Losses are inevitable, so, try to make a minimal number of misses and be able to hold out longer, gaining maximum points in 100 Balls Online game.

The game is over when you miss more than 100 balls. To improve your skills, you can use life hack – watch the reviews of other users and learn something new for yourself. Good luck in the cool game!

How to play for 100 Balls


Andy says:

Game 100 Balls is simple but addicting entertainment for me after a work. I have been playing this game for almost a week yet. It is necessary to use tapering down the tank for filling balls into moving glasses of different colors. The task is to save as many balls as possible. The game is quite satisfied me.

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