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Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost: free online game

If you like games of logic and attentiveness with the simplest rules, the game that we offer you will be one of the best. We present the game Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost to your attention, which you can play online for free.

What is Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost?

Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost is a free online game about a funny cave person. The main hero Adam was able to transfer to the future. However, the trouble had happened to him and he lost his physical shell. Adam decided to use this for entertainment. Now he is a ghost and wants to scare people. Among them, there will be a variety of characters: a child, a nun, a tourist, a miner, a pirate, an impressionable lady, and many others.

Of course, they are trying to escape from Adam, building up reliable barriers. Adam does not have a lot of experience of being a ghost, so, he needs your help because he is quite bad in his new role. Try to solve all the tasks that confront him to complete the level successfully. This game will bring a lot of positive, even to the most fastidious and high-fed gamers.

Features to make your Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost game better

The house’s rooms will be visible in front of you on the screen. They will contain various people and animals. But they will all be hiding. Your task is to carefully examine the room and open items to find everyone. When it is done – just click on your finding and Adam will start scaring them. The more he frightens them, the more points you get.

The first levels of Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost game is very simple and is passed in a few clicks. For example, first, you need to scare the diver, hiding in a small pond under the apple trees. Little life hack for you – click on the red apple in the middle of the screen – it will fall and shut the diver’s tube. He will have nothing else to do but to emerge and breathe. Click on Adam and he will immediately run up and scare the diver as strong as he can. Be aware that difficulties will increase gradually. You have to think carefully about how to act in order not to make empty clicks because each of them is considered and the total number of clicks is displayed at the top of the screen. Try to complete all the levels with a minimum number of clicks. You can also view custom reviews to find out something new. Good luck and have a cool playtime!

How to play for Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost

Bob The Robber 4: Season 3: free online game

For all fans of entertaining and active games that can be played online for free, we present Bob the Robber 4: Season 3. This game will delight you with beautiful and vibrant graphics and help you move into the world of travel, with its rules.

What is Bob the Robber 4: Season 3?

Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan is one of the best games of the whole line, in which you will visit Japan and help the famous in the criminal world robber Bob to carry out his mission. Japan is an amazing country with an interesting and distinctive culture. In addition, it is known as the owner of many antiques that belonged to the ancient Japanese royal dynasties.

In Bob the Robber 4: Season 3 game you will help Bob penetrate various buildings that have a reliable security system, which our hero needs to bypass. To do this, look for different levers and keys and disconnect them. A guard that patrols them will also be in the buildings. You will need to bypass the guard carefully because it is the only way that you reach the safe and open it. Otherwise, you will be caught and put in jail.

Features to make your Bob the Robber 4: Season 3 game better

In Bob the Robber 4: Japan game, a new journey awaits you. Now the thief needs to go to the land of the rising sun and rob the local museums in order to accomplish the task. During the game, you should be as careful as possible and should not let yourself be noticed. Around there will be many guards and security cameras. In addition to the usual guards, which can be stunned, valuables will be under the protection of specialists with a thermal vision apparatus. It is impossible to hide from these guys, so it is better for you not to be seen.

The game is divided into many rooms, in all of which you need to get to the safe located in the lower right corner. Starting from the first room, decorated in a typical Japanese style, the cunning Bob has to go through all the rooms and get to the treasured safe. The control is done with the arrow buttons, and some of the actions are performed with the down arrow.

During the operation, you will be able to collect money, which you can spend on useful gadgets for robber Bob. Find the right levers and keys, turn off the security system and get to the safe. To hone your skills better, you can see the reviews of other players and borrow some useful life hack.

How to play for Bob The Robber 4: Season 3

Robbers In Town: free online game

How to play for Robbers In Town

Hungry Hal: free online game

If you like games about zombies, in which you have to go through different levels of difficulty and use your skills of resourcefulness and attentiveness, then Hungry Hal is the best opportunity to plunge into the world of zombies. Simple rules and the ability to play online for free make this game even more special.

What is Hungry Hal?

Hungry Hal is an exciting game with a deep storyline in which you will help the main character Hal to bypass various traps and obstacles in the hope of surviving. Here you will need to show your perseverance, concentration, and responsibility.

The events of the game take place in an American city in which chemical weapons were produced. But something went wrong and the laboratory with dangerous mixtures exploded, putting mortal danger to city residents who breathed poisoned air… Many people died immediately, while others were infected with an unknown biochemical weapon and turned into zombies. Hal was somewhat lucky and he survived becoming a zombie. However, he is still in danger. Therefore, he must leave the dead city as soon as possible. But not everything is as simple as it seems, because on the way of Hal there will be various unpleasant surprises. Your task is to help the main character leave the affected area and at the same time survive.

Features to make your Hungry Hal game better

In order for you to successfully cope with the task and complete the levels as quickly and safely as possible, you need to monitor the main character’s satiety carefully. This indicator is located at the top of the screen and you will always know when it is time to feed Hal. The bones that will come in your way are his food. In addition, you can catch up with other people and eat their brains. It sounds a bit strange, but this is the only way to survive and complete the game. If you do not have time to feed Hal, his brain will explode, and your account will be reset, and you will have to start all over again. To understand the game better, you can use life hack and watch a few reviews of other players with more experience.

How to play for Hungry Hal

Lightning McQueens Off-Road Training: free online game

If you prefer active games, where you can enjoy fast speed and maneuverability, then Lightning McQueen Off-Road Training is created for you. Moreover, in this game, you can play online for free at any time convenient for you.

What is Lightning McQueen Off-Road Training?

Lightning McQueen Off-Road Training is a game about the favorite character of the cartoon “Cars”, where you need to train hard to get the desired super bowl. A friend who takes up training McQueen comes to help him.

Flash game Lightning McQueen Off-Road Training offers the player to take on the role of McQueen, who must go through a series of tests and prove that he is ready for the cup. Everything that is needed from the player – to control the main character performing only 1 task on each card, after which he will be fully prepared for the tournament.

In addition to McQueen, there are also other cartoon characters on the training track, and each new course is necessarily different from the previous one. In total, there are 3 types of primary tasks, among which are: passing 3 laps in a specific time, traveling through specific areas (flags), and passing a map with a limited number of possible accidents. The latter, by the way, can really become a serious task for the player, since as the game progresses, the tracks become more difficult. A full-fledged mini-card is provided to help the player, but even it does not protect against a banal collision with a fence, which can already reduce the chances of winning.

Features to make your Lightning McQueen Off-Road Training game better

To win the game you need to go through all the levels, each of which tests the player for a certain type of skills. Speed, endurance, accuracy and much more are among them. Only after full completion of all the cards, the main character will be fully prepared for the upcoming cup, while all tasks have a training manner, though not always they are easy!

For the passage of the track, the player is awarded the corresponding medals, the maximum number of which is three. They indicate the quality of the passage of the map, and to get them all, you must pay attention to additional tasks. These include the collection of so-called fuel, which is placed throughout the map and sometimes even outside the road. It is important to note that there are even full-fledged secrets, presented in the form of hidden paths and opportunities. The presence of the bridge should also be attributed to them because at the beginning of the workout, it is raised, but it can be lowered by visiting the corresponding area. In later levels, such details are practically obligatory for passing, and the time for the task set is constantly reduced. In addition, the construction of the road is always changing, creating more obstacles for the player. In order to understand the rules of the game, you can use the useful life hack and watch the reviews of other players. This will help show your best and get the maximum amount of fun even on the first level of the Lightning McQueen Off-Road Training game.

How to play for Lightning McQueens Off-Road Training

Tiles: free online game

How to play for Tiles

Ellie: Get Ready With Me: free online game

If you dream of a designer career and you like bright games, then it is time to test yourself in an interesting game Ellie: Get Ready With Me, in which you can play online for free.

What is Ellie: Get Ready With Me?

Ellie: Get Ready With Me is a great dressing game that will appeal to girls of any age. Thanks to simple rules and many different skins, you can spend a good time and have a lot of fun. Here you will have the opportunity to show your imagination and sense of style, as well as create the best outfits for the main character.

Ellie always looks great. However, what is her secret? Today you can find it out, playing this cool game about dressing up. Get ready with Ellie for a new day full of unforgettable impressions and new bright images. She will give you many cool fashion tips while putting on makeup and picking out her outfit.

Features to make your Ellie: Get Ready With Me game better

Together with girl Ellie, you can easily have fun and try different experiments. She loves makeup and stylish outfits. Join her company and get many positive emotions. You can start with make-up. To do this, first, determine where your friend is going. If she wants to go to the party, you need to create a special noticeable makeup for her.

Well, if Ellie is going to college, then the colors of rouge and shade should be soft and inconspicuous in order to refresh a charming face and fill it with originality. Then choose clothes that perfectly fit the event and make the image of the main character unforgettable. Thanks to the huge wardrobe, you can create something special. Do not forget about the accessories that will help emphasize and complement the outfit. With their help, you will add delicacy even to the simplest image. Decide what you like and dress beauty Ellie according to your taste. You can also use the small life hack and watch the reviews of other players, noting something cool for yourself.

How to play for Ellie: Get Ready With Me

Simply Jigsaw: free online game

How to play for Simply Jigsaw

Winter Adventures: free online game

How to play for Winter Adventures