Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost: free online game

If you like games of logic and attentiveness with the simplest rules, the game that we offer you will be one of the best. We present the game Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost to your attention, which you can play online for free.

What is Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost?

Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost is a free online game about a funny cave person. The main hero Adam was able to transfer to the future. However, the trouble had happened to him and he lost his physical shell. Adam decided to use this for entertainment. Now he is a ghost and wants to scare people. Among them, there will be a variety of characters: a child, a nun, a tourist, a miner, a pirate, an impressionable lady, and many others.

Of course, they are trying to escape from Adam, building up reliable barriers. Adam does not have a lot of experience of being a ghost, so, he needs your help because he is quite bad in his new role. Try to solve all the tasks that confront him to complete the level successfully. This game will bring a lot of positive, even to the most fastidious and high-fed gamers.

Features to make your Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost game better

The house’s rooms will be visible in front of you on the screen. They will contain various people and animals. But they will all be hiding. Your task is to carefully examine the room and open items to find everyone. When it is done – just click on your finding and Adam will start scaring them. The more he frightens them, the more points you get.

The first levels of Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost game is very simple and is passed in a few clicks. For example, first, you need to scare the diver, hiding in a small pond under the apple trees. Little life hack for you – click on the red apple in the middle of the screen – it will fall and shut the diver’s tube. He will have nothing else to do but to emerge and breathe. Click on Adam and he will immediately run up and scare the diver as strong as he can. Be aware that difficulties will increase gradually. You have to think carefully about how to act in order not to make empty clicks because each of them is considered and the total number of clicks is displayed at the top of the screen. Try to complete all the levels with a minimum number of clicks. You can also view custom reviews to find out something new. Good luck and have a cool playtime!

How to play for Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost


Katy321 says:

Cool game, I personally liked. Kill time in it – just right! does not load the brain, you play and you rest! The most important thing is that online and always available! Merry music, easy to manage. You can play adults and children! I recommend those who have not played yet – you will definitely like it!

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