Air Baloon Matching: free online game

If you like games in which you need to use all your concentration and memorization skills, then we have good news for you. We present to your attention the Air Balloon Matching game, which you can play online for free.

What is Air Balloon Matching?

Air Balloon Matching is one of the best games where you do not need to possess special knowledge or study the rules for a long time. It is pretty easy and simple. Unlike most similar games in which players must move or hack jewels, obstacles or relics, here you will act on a completely different principle. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to practice your memory and have fun with balloons. This game will help make your mind more flexible and check your attentiveness.

Features to make your Air Balloon Matching game better

Starting the game, a player appears in front of you. He has many white cards. On the back of the card are drawn balloons, each of which has its duplicate. That is, the picture of the balloon is repeated twice. In order to flip the card, you need to click on it. After that, you must memorize the image that opens before you. Your task is to examine all the cards carefully, find similar balloons and match them. To get points – you need to open two identical pictures in a row. Thus, Air Balloon Matching will immerse you in the world of balloons, where you can show your vigilance and understand how good your visual memory is. The game has several difficulty levels, so for a start, you can try your hand at the easy level, gradually complicating your task. Also, note that in each new level, the number of cards will increase and you will be able to pump your memory well. In order to understand the game better, you can watch the reviews on the game from other users. Have fun and improve your memory!


Halina says:

A great game that you can play a lot of hours! It’s addicted to the development of logical thinking and quick reaction. It consists in moving the elements so that at least 3 equal ones are next to each other in a row or column in order to eliminate them from the board. There are many power-ups that help you to achieve the highest score.

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