Back To Candyland: Choco Mountain: free online game

If you like bright and attractive games with a minimum number of rules, then Back to Candyland: Choco Mountain is the best option that belongs to topic three in a row. You can play online for free without registration.

What is Back to Candyland: Choco Mountain?

Back to Candyland: Choco Mountain is the fifth part of the game Back to Candyland, where you need to collect sweet candies in different skins that are randomly located in the cells of the playing field, in line. Cute jelly residents of the Candy Country have long looked at the nearby Tall Chocolate Mountain and are going to conquer it and to get to the top, where the delicious white porous chocolate lies. Help them build an expedition from the most daring and hardy candies. Choose groups of three or more identical.

A certain number of moves are given for passing the level. On the left above it is indicated how many moves the player has. You will not be able to complete the level task before the moves end. In this case, your game will start over. But for the remaining moves, the gamer gets additional bonuses, bringing a lot of points that help to earn a maximum of stars. Experienced players will love the fact that the game has great music.

Features to make your Back to Candyland: Choco Mountain game better

This game is logical because you need to find a way to accumulate a high score. Find groups of three colors or more and click on them with the mouse. Sweets will disappear, bringing points. Try to collect maximum points – in the upper right corner it is shown how much experience you need to gain in order to get all three stars. The task is much more difficult than it seems. It will be possible to complete the level only by fulfilling certain conditions, and remember that at different levels they differ significantly.

Starting from the second level Back to Candyland: Choco Mountain game you are given certain tasks, such as breaking bricks, collecting certain candies or splitting all the tiles. Some tiles are hacked after the first impact, and some need to be affected twice, which makes the game much more difficult.

Be smart and score as many points as possible to get to the next level. Watch the reviews of other users, remembering under what conditions bonus super-candies are accrued, so you can get even more rewards.

How to play for Back To Candyland: Choco Mountain

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