Ballz: free online game

Virtual fun with balls at all times were popular and do not lose their positions even today. Therefore, if you were looking for a time killer and you like games for attentiveness and intelligence, then we present you – Ballz. It is a cool game with simple rules, which you can play online for free.

What is Ballz?

Ballz game is one of the best options for having fun in your free time. You will need to hack colored blocks appearing on a black field. To do this, you have a white ball that is located at the bottom of the field. Direct it to the selected unit and it will start bombing. The numbers on the tiles mean the number of strokes that must be done to destroy the square element. Flickering balls appear on the field – try to collect them, as they will replenish your reserves and shoot like a machine gun.

You need to destroy the blocks with the help of balls until they have reached the lower limits of the active field. The main thing is to launch the ball into flight quickly, and then it will do everything for you — it will beat the blocks and destroy them. The first levels may seem like a trifle but do not be in a hurry to rejoice, because there are a lot of them ahead, and each time the blocks will become stronger and stronger that means it will not be easy to destroy them. You will have to act prudently and slyly to destroy the blocks.

Features to make your Ballz game better

Your task is as simple as possible – to crash the blocks whose skins have different colors: red, yellow, blue and so on. You can destroy them if you poke on any block. Only if there are strictly identical blocks nearby. The more blocks you destroy at one time, the more points you earn. However, that is not all – the blocks do not stand still, they are slowly but surely moving to the lower boundaries of the active field. Moreover, as soon as they touch them, an annoying defeat awaits you, so try not to let it happen.

For each destroyed block you will receive points, in the future, they can be spent on gains and bonuses, as well as unlocking particularly difficult levels. Thanks to simple controls, you can quickly understand the rules, as well as watch other users’ reviews and learn new tricks.

How to play for Ballz

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