BIGHERO.IO: free online game

If you are a fan of active games in which you need to apply such skills as attentiveness, resourcefulness, accuracy, sharpness, and also hone your tactics, then you will definitely be interested in, in which you can play online for free.

What is is one of the best multiplayer games with addictive gameplay and simple rules. This is an online gaming type project in which players enter the arena of death and must fight real people rather than bots, which often happens in similar multiplayer applications. In the game, we will go to a big fairy-tale world where everyone can become a famous and powerful hero. Together with thousands of other players, you will try to win this title. Here, each character has own weapon, be it a superhero or an epic god.

After immersion in an aggressive environment, a serious battle begins immediately and you need to show maximum skill in order to stay alive. Therefore, be careful – defend yourself from the attacks of other players or you will become a soul stone. Collect more soul stones and your weapon will become more powerful and larger. In addition, the game built a top, where the names of the best warriors flaunt. Try to get into this leaderboard.

Features to make your game better

First, set a nickname to the selected hero and look at the more attractive costume from the proposed skins, otherwise, the character will be standard, which is often found in beginners. Your task is to avoid direct encounters with the enemy and try to strike from behind. Management in game is very simple: press the spacebar, and your fighter accelerates, then he moves behind the cursor. To hack your enemy – left-click on the mouse.

Your character, armed at first with an ordinary sword, will roam through the locations, search for various objects, and meet opponents. All the items you find will give a certain development to your character. Seeing the enemy try to attack him immediately. Beat them with your weapon and block their blows. For killing each player, you will be given points. They will give you a lot of experience and new levels. The one who takes the first place in the rating of players will win in the game. You can also watch reviews of other users and learn something new.

How to play for BIGHERO.IO


QWERTY21 says:

I hung for a few hours in the games until the battery ran out. Good game. The controls are as simple as possible. Many different chips. Collecting colorful balls helps to make the weapon even cooler! A lot of skins. I would like the cursor not to go beyond the playing field. To kill time is coming. In General satisfied with the game!

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