Bike Ride: free online game

How about experiencing all the exciting delights of a motorcycle race on the world’s coolest roads but without the risk of getting a penalty for speeding. You can do this in a stunning 3D racing game – Bike Ride, which belongs to cool games with simple rules. This is the best option to get adrenaline and enjoy the speed and freedom of racing on a motorcycle. Moreover, you can play it online for free.

What is Bike Ride?

Bike Ride is a game for those who love to drive fast. Here you will ride a motorcycle around the city and you should try not to bump into other cars. In Bike Ride awaits the desert, jungle and difficult winter road, but first, you must show your driving skills on a busy highway.

The game is played from the first person. Thus, you will see the road, sitting behind the wheel of a bike. Three-dimensional graphics will provide the effect of presence – you will feel like a cool racer. Rush, increasing speed, you will see its performance on the speedometer. Not everyone on the track travels at a similar speed, so you have to tack, bypassing cars, trucks, and buses. Everything is so real that, hitting the curb, you will fall, so be careful not to get into an accident. Replenish the budget and open new locations, as well as collect coins for which you can buy new motorcycles and upgrades.

Features to make your Bike Ride game better

Choose a bike and get ready to drive. Try not to overclock at first. A bike can ride at a speed of more than 150 kilometers per hour. However, for beginners it is too fast, you cannot cope with the management and crash into one of the driving cars. Then you lose all your money. For check, you will receive gold coins. The more passed – the more coins received. In addition, the number of coins received is affected by the speed of movement. Coins are needed in order to improve the bike or buy a completely new one, with even more horsepower.

If you are a fan of high speeds, then you will definitely like this game. Pay attention to the good development of physical effects. A motorcycle is gaining speed well and moves on the road like a real one. Therefore, it is quite easy to manage. In order to understand how everything works, you can watch the reviews of other users and learn some useful life hack.

How to play for Bike Ride

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