Bomb It 2: free online game

Do you like to wander in labyrinths? Today we can offer you to visit an unusual structure, in which there is no one exit. Here you need to create a tunnel through which you can move around, mount explosives and build new passages. Bomb It 2 ​​belongs to the best entertaining games with simple and clear rules. Here you need to show ingenuity, attentiveness, and logic. You can also play online for free.

What is Bomb It 2?

Bomb It 2 ​​is the second part of the online game for two about Bombers, where you have to hack opponents in the maze. Take part in an exciting tournament, go through a labyrinth, undermine opponents and collect all the bonuses. Try not to fall into the trap in which you can blow up on your own bomb.

Four bombers are on the field – the real players take the place of one or two of them and a computer controls the rest. There is no need to get confused because each character has not only a unique appearance and skins but also a color, which makes them easily recognizable. The game will end when there is only one bomb lover left on the field. Try to do everything so that it becomes your hero.

The field is a rather complicated labyrinth, in which various objects close the entrances. They can be blown up with the help of bombs – behind some obstacles there are valuable bonuses allowing to increase the speed of movement, use remote-controlled bombs, remove obstacles on the way, and lay mines with a motion sensor and many others. They must be used as they greatly enhance the character, allowing you to finish off the enemy quickly, without risking your life.

Features to make your Bomb It 2 game better

The passage can take both one and two gamers. The controls are quite simple – the first player uses the arrow buttons to navigate in the right direction. To install the bomb, you must press the space bar. The second player will have to use the WASD buttons for walking. The bomb is set by pressing the “Enter” button. The main task is to destroy all competitors in the field. However, this will be much more difficult than it seems at first glance.

In Bomb It 2 ​​game you can not only select the number of players, but also the duration of the game, complexity, suitable locations, the number of enemies and many other parameters. Due to this, the game will deliver a lot of positive, not only to experienced gamers but also to beginners who have not previously passed similar games. To upgrade your skills, you can watch several reviews of other players and take advantage of their gameplay features.

How to play for Bomb It 2

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