BOMB IT 4: free online game

If you prefer logic strategies with arcade elements and simple rules, then Bomb It 4 will be one of the best games for you. There is everything for everyone. In one small labyrinth, you can undermine an infinite number of bombs. Moreover, you can play it online for free.

What is Bomb It 4?

Bomb It 4 is an online game for two where Bombers will blast and bomb big mazes with enemies. The developers have made some more valuable improvements to make the gameplay more exciting for girls and boys. After playing a few minutes, it becomes noticeable that the changes largely influenced the process of the battle. During card setup, you can select options that are more advanced. In the maze now, there are new improvements that allow you to use not only the usual bombs. At any time, the character can get at their disposal a powerful laser, which will be the decisive argument in many battles. The computer opponent has learned additional tricks, so it will be harder to catch the enemy. We advise you to read about all the items that appear on the field in the main menu.

Bombers have become much more aggressive to play (the computer opponent gives a strong rebuff). Even experienced gamers are not recommended to choose the maximum level of complexity because it is almost impossible to achieve victory in this mode. The most successful scenario choice is when an arena for two players is created, and a mid-level computer controls the rest. The final of such a battle is reduced to an exciting duel when two people must find a weak spot and use it.

Features to make your Bomb It 4 game better

Considerable attention should be paid to new types of weapons that can be found in the maze during the explosion of walls. If the acceleration and the increase in the radius of the explosion remained familiar, then lasers and spines became extremely important. Small life hack – if you can find such a strong weapon, then take care of the shots before meeting the enemy. With such power, any adversary becomes easy prey, and victory is a close goal.

Management has not changed since the previous parts. One-person controls with arrows and space and the other must use the letters WASD and the Enter button. The system of improvements has changed a lot, so you should read about it in the description, which is located on the main menu. Creating a map has not changed much, but there are some small improvements.

In Bomb It 4, it all depends on you. Control the mood to your liking – you can choose the game mode and its difficulty, the number of players, enemies and levels, the arena … even your hero and his skins. In short, your possibilities are almost unlimited! To understand the principle of the game better, you can see the reviews of other more experienced players.

How to play for BOMB IT 4


Mathias says:

I love spending time with this game in between work. The gameplay is not intricate, simple and pleasant. BOMB IT 4 allows you to play in a cooperative with friends. So it becomes much more fun to compete with your friends. The bright color scale at first strains eyes, but in due course you get used to it and you do not pay attention. Music is the most common for this kind of games. A cool way to kill time!

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