Bubble Academy: free online game

If you prefer calm, but at the same time, bright and exciting games with simple and understandable rules, then Bubble Academy will be the best option. You can also play it online for free.

What is Bubble Academy?

Bubble Academy is a game in the “Three in One” category. It has beautifully traced graphics and an interesting plot. All this creates a great atmosphere, which will impress you from the first minutes of the game.

In the game Bubble Academy, we will travel to the world of sword and magic. This world is very amazing and in addition to magicians, there are people who are engaged in alchemy. The main character having studied there for about seven years must pass the exam for the title of Master of Alchemy. In order to make a potion on the exam, you will be given a flask, which you will see on the right side of the screen and it will be filled when you collect points.

To brew a potion you need to do certain actions. On the playing field, there will be colorful balls and cannon at the bottom of the screen. You need to shoot them to the top, building balls of the same color in a row of not less than three pieces. As soon as the row is combined, the balls will disappear from the screen and liquid will be added to the flask in the coefficient of points earned by you. A level is considered passed when the flask is full. This means that you have passed the exam and moved to the next level.

Features to make your Bubble Academy game better

Your task is to knock out all the balls and collect three stars. To take a star, you need to get into the ball, where it is located. If you destroy nearby items, you can lose it. At some levels, bomb balls appear. In order for them to explode, you need to hit them. As the level rises, the tasks become more complicated, bubbles that are entangled in algae appear. To destroy them, you need to hack standing balls.

Bubble Academy game has bright and interesting graphics. You can shoot colorful bubbles from magical experiments, and also follow classes in the Academy to learn all about magic bubble shooting and become the top of the exact class. To control the game, use the mouse. Before you start the game, you can see the reviews of other users and borrow some useful tricks from them.

How to play for Bubble Academy


Halina says:

This is one of my favorite games. When you starting the Bubble Academy game you get a challenge: remove all bubbles from the field of play by stacking three or more bubbles of the same color. The most important is to pay attention to the amount of bubbles and their color, and certainly using bubbles with special properties.

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