Bubble Shooter: free online game

If you like bright and exciting games that require concentration and precision, then Bubble Shooter is the best option. You can play it online for free.

What is Bubble Shooter?

Bubble Shooter is a good arcade game combining simple rules and user-friendly interface with an abundance of combinations and various game strategies. It takes all the best from such well-known and popular computer games like Tetris, Lines, and Pool while adding its new functional features. It requires certain skills and experience.

Bubble Shooter game will entice you from the very first bubble hit. This timeless game is still interesting and challenging. It seems that it is simple enough even for children, but this game is appealing to people of any age. Each level has its own winning strategy. The more bubbles you hit with one shot, the more points you get and the closer you will become to the title of Bubble Shooter Master.

Features to make your Bubble Shooter game better

Your goal is to hack all the multi-colored bubbles from the playing field, gaining as many points as possible. You will shoot balls based on the color accessories on the pile of balls on top, and when three or more balls of the same color turn out together, they will burst like soap bubbles and disappear, and you will earn points. For example, in order for two adjacent red balls to disappear from the playing field, you need to hit a red ball in one of these two red bubbles. Point the mouse to the right place on the game board where the next ball should fly, the arrow below will show the direction and make a throw. The more bubbles burst and disappear from the board in one roll, the more points you get. Carefully look at the circle of what color will be in the queue and shoot at a cluster of balls with the same filling. Strategic moves will bring you real success in a short time.

Although at first glance it is easy to play Bubble Shooter, try to shoot balls meaningfully. With each new shot, you will get better. After you complete the game, a table with the result appears on the screen. Score as many points as possible and set a new record. Moreover, to upgrade your skills, you can watch a few reviews from other players and take note of some interesting techniques.

How to play for Bubble Shooter

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