Car Speed Booster: free online game

Online applications allow you to realize the dreams of a very different nature, even a trip on a fast car. Therefore, if you prefer active and exciting games with simple rules, then Car Speed ​​Booster is the best way to get a drive and boost your driving skills.

What is Car Speed Booster?

Car Speed ​​Booster game is a new online race to test your speed and agility. This is a kind of driving simulator in which you can play online for free.

Starting the game, you will find yourself on the track, where other cars will drive you to the meeting. So, fasten your seat belts, get ready for the race and go. Your task is to collect coins scattered throughout the lane of the track. A large number of oncoming cars, which should be avoided, will drive towards your car. It is quite simple to do this, you just need to hold your car with the left mouse button and move the cursor along the roadway. Try to do it smoothly because you can jump on the next car, which suddenly appears in front of you, by an accident. If this happens, your car ride will be over. If you wish, you can start the trip again, trying to beat your previous result, which of course will be recorded.

Features to make your Car Speed Booster game better

A large number of coins that need to be collected, moving the car from one lane to another, will roll on the road. In addition, you have to collect other bonuses that will make your trip more exciting. They differ in appearance from ordinary coins and are located in a transparent circle. For example, a bonus gain will help you increase your speed by several kilometers. This is good for driving a long way, but at the same time, it is dangerous since other motorists may encounter you. Try not to miss any of them, blasting everything in front of you or speeding up your car for a while.

Patience, speed and accuracy will help you in passing different levels of Car Speed ​​Booster. Overcome distance after distance, setting new records. You need to learn how to drive at high speed in order to overcome more obstacles. In the course of passing the level, the speed of your car will increase, and there will be more other cars on the track. Therefore, to improve your skills, you can use a small life hack and from time to time watch the game’s reviews of more experienced players.

How to play for Car Speed Booster


Halina says:

This is a great racing game that has won players’ hearts by realism and high level. The goal is to go as fast as possible and collect as many gold coins as you can and also watch out for other road users and try to minimize accidents. This game allows us to feel extrim, speed, joy of overcoming dangerous routes.

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