Cat Simulator: free online game

If you love cats but you still have no pet, do not be discouraged, as there are many games in which you can play online and even for free. Cat Simulator is a nice one. There are no complicated rules and this is one of the best games for fun.

What is Cars: Lightning Speed?

Cars: Lightning Speed is an exciting race that will help you feel the freedom and drive, as well as demonstrate your dexterity and ability to cope with driving a car in the most unpredictable places. So if you like games for speed, then you come to the right place.

Our heroes go to the desert for the famous races, and we join them in this exciting adventure. The rules are very simple – your car will be at the start and as soon as the signal sounds, you should jerk and drive as quickly as possible to the end. Your main task is to overtake all opponents and come to the finish line first.

On the way, collect the icons in the form of lightning, they will give you acceleration. The time at which it is given to you will be displayed on the right of the tachometer. Just try to collect the chests with the tools – your car repair depends on them because along the way you will encounter obstacles and traps, faced with which, your car will be damaged, so try not to fall into them.

Features to make your Cars: Lightning Speed game better

The game has two modes: single player and career. In career mode, you can take part in competitions for the piston cup. You will be available to take part in a championship for beginners, a world championship, a championship for professionals, and championships in different countries. Each championship has four races. Having won all four races, you can get a well-deserved piston cup. In single-player mode, you can enjoy simple races in countries such as Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, and Brazil.

Choose your car and drive it as fast as possible. During the race, you will collect bonuses, which will be converted into money at the end of the race. Money can be spent on improving your car and changing the appearance. Make your car the coolest one, painting it in a bright color and installing a unique sticker. Win all races and championships. Moreover, if you want to get maximum pleasure and set a new record, listen to the advice of the Master. You can also watch several reviews of the game in order to take on some useful life hack. Do your best and become the champion!

How to play for Cat Simulator

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