Combat Reloaded game: free online game

Today, for all fans of shooters games, we want to present a cool game Combat Reloaded. Here you need to grab the weapon as quickly as possible and get ready to hide behind obstacles and aim at other players, hiding around the corner. The rules are very simple and straightforward, so you can show your best, as well as play online for free. You should definitely like the locations where various fights will be.

What is Combat Reloaded?

Combat Reloaded is a fun and fast-paced game and a kind of multiplayer first-person shooter. You are moving to South America, where a fierce war is going, and where the most elite military units were sent.

Join the existing battle, but before that decide for whom you will play. You can play for the blue team, and for the red one. Also, choose your style of play that suits you more: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, and so on. Initially, you will be given only two types of weapons – a knife and a gun. If you manage to hack enemies, then you can get something more impressive. Shoot your enemies, plunging into an all-out battle to see who will come to the top!

Features to make your Combat Reloaded game better

In the Combat Reloaded game, you will become a part of interesting competitions, which are held between two teams – blue and red players. Before the game begins, you need to make a choice for with team you want to play. After that, you will be send to a place with various terrain and buildings located on the ground. You should use different objects, such as shelters, and move in rushes. Finding the enemy – open fire to kill. If you hit the head precisely, you will be able to deactivate your opponent immediately.

The main task in Combat Reloaded is to destroy as many enemies as possible during the round, leading your team forward and advancing in your personal rating. Your allies will be highlighted with names above their heads, so you can easily distinguish them from opponents. The winner will be the team that demolish the opponents faster. To improve your skills, you can periodically watch the reviews of other players, carefully studying their strategy. This will help to achieve new successes and become the undisputed leader in the game.

How to play for Combat Reloaded game

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