Cut the Rope: Experiments: free online game

If you like fun and entertaining games with simple and clear rules, then Cut the Rope: Experiment is the best one you can play online for free.

What is Cut the Rope: Experiment?

Cut the Rope: Experiment is a game about the frog Om Nom, who lives in a cozy and warm apartment with people. He is a decorative frog, who was bought at the pet store. His owners pampered him from childhood, so our hero loves various candies and sweets. He is ready to eat them in kilograms and quite often penetrated into the kitchen to pull off a couple of candies.

Today in Cut the Rope: Experiment game we will help our hero in this adventure. Candies in bright skins, hanging on a rope, will be seen in front of us on the screen. Below them, you can find our main hero. We need, having carefully studied the entire visible field, to make it so that when the strings are broken, the candy falls into the mouth to our Om Nom. To do this, we clicked on the desired rope, as if we cut it, and the candy will change its location. Be careful and plan your moves correctly. After all, if you do something wrong, then our hero will not be able to eat candies.

Features to make your Cut the Rope: Experiment game better

The faster you feed the sweet monster Om Nom with sweets hanging on strings, the more points you get. You should experiment with suckers and other strange devices, collect golden stars, look for hidden prizes and unlock new levels in this entertaining, funny, and physics-based game.

In Cut the Rope: Experiment game, you will have to wait for different levels in which you need to take logical options, think through the trajectory of the candy and bypass different obstacles. Use objects that can help you, for example, an air cushion – it blows air onto a lollipop and thus moves it. You can also shove candy in a soap bubble and when it will rise up you can hack the bubble at any time and use the height it has gained. For each level, you will be rated in the form of stars. You can score three stars for each level. It means that you have done an excellent job. Evaluation of one star says that you have not really tried. Any level can always be replayed to get the best grade, or you can start the next one. In addition, to improve your skills, you can watch the reviews of other players and take a couple of useful tricks.

How to play for Cut the Rope: Experiments


Jake77 says:

Cut the Rope: Experiments is a brilliant continuation of this game series. I’m a great fan of it and I just enjoy new mechanics implemented in this part. It brings diversity to old-school players as me who are ready to play very familiar game like the first time. My verdict: the game you’ll by no means be bored of.

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