Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD: free online game

For anyone who loves logic games, where you need to put all your skills into building a step-by-step strategy, we offer one of the best games that you can play online for free. In the game Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD you will find an interesting adventure of the already beloved character Om Nom, who loves hack ropes and eats goodies.

What is Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD?

Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD is a continuation of the game about the ever-hungry monster who eats sweets. Here you will not notice any significant changes in terms of gameplay. The essence of the game and its rules remain the same: you need to feed Om Nom with candy, cutting the strings. However, repeating the first part in many ways, this game has its own characteristics. The main difference is that now you need to feed two green monsters at once and deliver two candies to the destination.

The new character represents a historical epoch in each level. He dresses in special skins and can be a pirate, a philosopher, an ancient Greek or anyone else. The smallest children will certainly be interested in why one of the heroes is dressed in strange. So, parents should be prepared for the fact that at any moment it may be necessary to make a brief historical excursion into certain epochs with their child.

Features to make your Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD game better

Levels Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD has become incomparably more difficult, sometimes in order to pass them, you have to try hard. However, this gives additional interest to the gameplay and time flies by. If you have played in the previous parts of the series, then you can easily figure out the controls. Here we also cut the ropes and collect stars. An interesting feature of the game is the ability to go through a difficult level using a special telepathic helmet, which allows you to move any objects along a free path.

In addition to entertainment features, Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD game carries the educational load. The whole game is divided into chapters, each of which corresponds to its own time – there is the Stone Age, the Middle Ages, Ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Renaissance. In each chapter, there are interesting items for interaction, for example, iron chains, bombs and much more. In addition, the developers have worked well on the plot because each chapter added a unique cartoon with an interesting and funny animation. You can also familiarize yourself with the features of the game by watching the reviews of other players.

How to play for Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD

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