Drunk-fu Wasted Masters: free online game

If you like funny and trash games with simple rules, then we bring to your attention the Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters game. This is one of the best options to relax and laugh heartily. Moreover, you can play it online for free.

What is Cute Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters?

Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters is a fun game that demonstrates the ability to beat and win. Easy control, incredible fights with friends and whole team battles. Properly use weapons that allow you to fight and reach a high level. All battles will go under your leadership. Learn to manage the drunkest player, because it is very difficult. In a drunken state, fighting is much more difficult. Easy control will allow you to master the game quickly.

Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters is a delusional action game in which players visit bars in different parts of the world and traditionally get drunk. Further development of events is not difficult to guess – intoxicated with vodka and rage, alcoholics begin a massacre, using the surrounding interior as a weapon. The goal is simple – to hack as many opponents as possible beyond the platform limits. Show all your drunk wrestling skills and send all your opponents in the knockout.

Features to make your Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters game better

The game begins with the setting of your character, here you can choose your character’s physiognomy with manic-eyed eyes, wear him into your favorite skins and give his skin the desired shade. Then the fight begins, and the players combine several strike options, make jerks on their stitching legs and constantly fall. Unfortunately, the battle does not differ special diversity. However, what to expect from a drunk?

You can show your liking in a campaign with a friend against drunken dummies running a computer or arranging a competitive hack. In this case, eight alcoholics come together on a tiny patch, and real trash begins – the blows follow one after the other, there is no time left for the combination of movements. It will not be easy to get out of a drunken brawl, but the participants of the Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters game have powerful drinks – whiskey, wine, and cognac.

Manage the drunken body and at the same time participate in an intense fight very hard! It is very difficult to move and attack a random companion, but there is no other choice, otherwise, you will wake up in the morning with bruises, bumps and a hellish headache. So grab the surrounding tables and chairs and try to hit your opponent at least a couple of times before you fall from the pounding fist’s blow to the head. To capture the essence of the game better, you can watch several reviews of other players.

How to play for Drunk-fu Wasted Masters

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