Eggs & Cars: free online game

In the modern world, many things are transported by car. For this, many services are engaged in the delivery of goods. Some carry furniture, some carry food. Would you like to try your hand at transporting? There are many games with simple rules where you get this opportunity. Eggs & Cars will be one of the best options where you can become a car driver. Moreover, you can play it online for free.

What is Eggs & Cars?

Eggs & Cars is a game with a rather peculiar scenario. You will be transporting a very fragile load. A car with an egg will be before you. You need to drive it from point A to point B and not break the egg.

It will be possible to cope with the application process only if you are a calm person and do not like to nerve. Then the ride should be excellent and smooth. In other cases, things may not be so colorful. So, let us explain to you how to play the game. You start to move very slowly and you should immediately forget about acceleration. It is forbidden to drive fast in this game, so move smoothly, slowly and take your time. If it works, then you need to be patient, because you can move forward this way for a very long time. On the road, there will be many pits, bumps and other obstacles. You need to show all your dexterity and accuracy to overcome them.

Features to make your Eggs & Cars game better

On the way, you will collect coins, which you will spend later on purchasing new cars, and you must first unlock them in the store, setting certain records. Remember that if you do something wrong, the egg will fall on the road and hack. In this case, you lose the round and start the Eggs & Cars game again.

Control of the car is carried out with the help of arrows “right” and “left”. They are responsible for moving back and forth of your car. Try to achieve a better result and no matter how many attempts will be spent on it. In addition, you can watch the reviews of more experienced players and learn useful tricks.

How to play for Eggs & Cars


Irina says:

A playful game. Eggs & Cars for boys is the thing. Yes, and girls will also like the game. The younger brother is the most favorite game! Eggs and machines are a time wasfit, there’s no need to think. on the road to play it even I love! Quickly, the time passes for him! Light levels, simple management. Any child will cope!

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