Flow Free: free online game

If you prefer tricky and entertaining games of the puzzle with clear rules, then Flow Free is one of the best options that you can find on our website and play online for free.

What is Flow Free?

Flow Free is a fun and addictive puzzle game. Its main goal is to connect the balls of suitable colors in solid lines so that there is no free field left. Only with the help of logical skills and competent thinking, you can solve each level and complete the whole game!

Connect the colored dots with each other, drawing lines from one point to another. Also, not forget about 3 main rules: the lines cannot intersect, you can connect only points of the same color and the lines must cover the entire playing field. Unlock new, more challenging levels and earn coins to unlock hints.

Features to make your Flow Free game better

In this game, you must connect pairs of dots on the field wisely. Although at first glance this is a simple and uncomplicated game, you must be ready to solve even the most difficult moments. In Flow Free, you will go through hundreds of levels, so be patient, attentive, and assiduous. The fact is that it is necessary to connect points in a field with a certain area, for example, 5×5 cells and each time the area of ​​the field becomes larger, and the number of connected points on it increases. Of course, none of the lines between the points should cross the other! This is how this popular and challenging puzzle, which has no worthy analogs, looks like.

Flow Free has a wonderful effect, making you smarter, developing your spatial thinking. This is a really addictive and interesting game. You will want to pass more and more levels without noticing how time flies by while you are happy to connect the dots. And there are a lot of tasks for you because the authors are constantly working to improve their game. Now there are hundreds of levels of varying difficulty available for every player! Therefore, puzzle lovers no longer need to solve scanners and Sudoku. In order to understand better, what you have to deal with, you can use a small life hack and watch some reviews, noting useful nuances.

How to play for Flow Free


Halina says:

At first glance, the idea of the game seems very simple, but the accumulation of elements and the growing score mean that no one will avoid being very involved. Linking points lines of the same color may give the impression that it is a game for children, but the impression is wrong. Combine elements into chains, collect points and defeat thousands of levels!

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