Hungry Hal: free online game

If you like games about zombies, in which you have to go through different levels of difficulty and use your skills of resourcefulness and attentiveness, then Hungry Hal is the best opportunity to plunge into the world of zombies. Simple rules and the ability to play online for free make this game even more special.

What is Hungry Hal?

Hungry Hal is an exciting game with a deep storyline in which you will help the main character Hal to bypass various traps and obstacles in the hope of surviving. Here you will need to show your perseverance, concentration, and responsibility.

The events of the game take place in an American city in which chemical weapons were produced. But something went wrong and the laboratory with dangerous mixtures exploded, putting mortal danger to city residents who breathed poisoned air… Many people died immediately, while others were infected with an unknown biochemical weapon and turned into zombies. Hal was somewhat lucky and he survived becoming a zombie. However, he is still in danger. Therefore, he must leave the dead city as soon as possible. But not everything is as simple as it seems, because on the way of Hal there will be various unpleasant surprises. Your task is to help the main character leave the affected area and at the same time survive.

Features to make your Hungry Hal game better

In order for you to successfully cope with the task and complete the levels as quickly and safely as possible, you need to monitor the main character’s satiety carefully. This indicator is located at the top of the screen and you will always know when it is time to feed Hal. The bones that will come in your way are his food. In addition, you can catch up with other people and eat their brains. It sounds a bit strange, but this is the only way to survive and complete the game. If you do not have time to feed Hal, his brain will explode, and your account will be reset, and you will have to start all over again. To understand the game better, you can use life hack and watch a few reviews of other players with more experience.

How to play for Hungry Hal


Masha says:

I have a lot of free time. Today I tried to play the game Hungry Hal Walkthrough. The game is fun, develops muscle memory of the hand. When I am playing the game Hungry Hal Walkthrough I don’t notice how time passes.

Mary says:

Hungry Hal game has very interesting fabula about disgustful zombies walking after the disaster in a chemical laboratory. I have been playing this game for more than two weeks yet. No lags and any kind of problems. Absorbing colorful game. I recommend it to everyone who wants to spend time light-heartedly.

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