Jelly Collapse: free online game

If you like games with clear and simple rules, then Jelly Collapse is what you need. Only when building the right strategy and using logical skills, you can quickly pass level by level. Moreover, you can play it online for free.

What is Jelly Collapse?

Jelly Collapse is one of the best non-obvious puzzles, where the development of events depends on the player’s actions. The blocks in this game are made of colored jelly. It can be seen even by their behavior because when they move, they stagger in different directions.

Starting the game, jellies of different colors and skins will appear on the screen in front of you, forming a whole wall from the very top to the bottom. Your task is to connect blocks of the same color. To do this, you find several jellies of the same color in close proximity to each other, click on one of them, and they all disappear, and new ones arrive in place of the missing cubes.

Features to make your Jelly Collapse game better

For each group, you will receive a certain number of points that you need to collect in order to be able to move to a new level. In addition to bonus points, you get bombs and free refueling, which can be obtained by destroying a combination of 5 or even 10 jellies. In addition, on your way, you will encounter obstacles in the form of cookies, which will prevent you from making the most profitable combination for you. To get rid of them, you can hack them with a bomb or wait until the cookies reach the bottom of the playing field and disappear.

The game Jelly Collapse seems very simple at first glance, however, you need to be quick and agile in order to complete all levels well. You can also watch several reviews of other players with greater experience, and take a couple of useful combinations for yourself.

How to play for Jelly Collapse

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