Knights Diamonds: free online game

We have good news for all lovers of active and exciting games, which you can play online for free. We present to your attention a cool game Knights Diamonds, where there are no complicated rules, but there is a cool and entertaining plot.

What is Knights Diamonds?

Knights Diamonds is one of the best games where you need to show your dexterity and logic. You are going on an amazing journey with a brave warrior. You have to go down into a deep dungeon, where the diamonds are hidden, and which you must find and bring in a gift to the king.

The game consists of nine levels, where you need to show ingenuity and courage because an army of enchanted skeletons carefully guards the ancient treasures. Before, they were all loyal servants of the king, but the evil sorcerer turned them into the walking dead. You need to beat them and collect all the diamonds. One diamond is hidden at each level.

Features to make your Knights Diamonds game better

You have captured a castle in which, according to your data, treasures must be located. But, they are guarded by zombies and mummies. Your task is to overcome all obstacles, hack or bypass the guards and get diamonds. Your character will have to fight enemies, jump over abysses, use platforms and persevere.

On your way, there will be not only dangers but also pleasant surprises in the form of boxes, barrels and other objects. Break them, because there may be useful things, such as food, new weapons, health replenishment, as well as diamonds and gold. During the game, you can accumulate gold and spend it on new skins and armor, which will give speed for a knight.

The control here is very simple: to move right/left, you need to use the keys with the corresponding arrows, to make the jump – push the key up, and to hit the sword – press the spacebar. To make the game Knights Diamonds more exciting, add a timer after the second level. Therefore, you can have great fun, and, at the same time, practice accuracy, an eye and apply logic. You can also watch several reviews of other players and get a couple of useful tricks for yourself.

How to play for Knights Diamonds

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