Ladybug Hidden Stars: free online game

If you like games with the minimum number of rules, then Ladybug Hidden Stars is one of the best options in which you can play online for free.

What is Ladybug Hidden Stars?

Ladybug Hidden Stars is a game that develops attention and observation. Here we will meet Lady Bug and her friend Tom, who together are trying to find hidden stars where they are not visible to the naked eye. They will have a special device to fulfill this mission. Magnifying glass not only visually approximates everything that falls under it but also allows you to see stars. The game has only 15 stars of different colors. All of them are scattered in different places.

The game takes place on Parisian streets, where you can see many heroes. Be attentive and focused to cope with the search mission as quickly as possible and earn the highest score.

Features to make your Ladybug Hidden Stars game better

You must find all the hidden little stars. This is not as simple as it seems because the stars are well disguised as the background color. To find them you need to use a magnifying glass, the role of which will be performed by your computer mouse. Magnifier enlarges the image to the smallest detail, and you can carefully consider the picture. You need to have a good observation. Finding an object select it by clicking the left mouse button.

For successful actions, game points will be added. Having coped with the first task, you will find a new picture with interesting characters. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a list of stars that you need to find, and on the right side – you have a timer and earned points. Also, watching the timer, try to set your own record.

If you want to get more points, then you need to act very quickly. At the end of the Ladybug Hidden Stars game, you can see if you have a chance to get into the top players. You can take advantage of a small life hack and watch the reviews of other players, having learned some useful tricks for yourself.

How to play for Ladybug Hidden Stars

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