Ladybug Secret Mission: free online game

For lovers of bright and interesting games, we offer Ladybug Secret Mission. This game is great for kids, as it has simple rules and you can play online for free.

What is Ladybug Secret Mission?

Ladybug Secret Mission is a simple arcade game with elements of the “hidden object” genre in which you will have to be as attentive as possible. You will have the opportunity to practice your attentiveness and memory along with one well-known person, whom everyone knows, like Marinette, an ordinary schoolgirl, who is no different from other schoolchildren. Nevertheless, she has one peculiarity – when someone is in danger, Marinette is dressed in the clothes of the city-famous superhero Lady Bug and is ready to help.

As always, after school, Marinette came home, ate food, did her homework, and decided to dress in a superhero costume to begin bypassing the city in search of people who need help. But the girl cannot find her Lady Bag costume. She had already searched, and as soon as Akum was discovered, she immediately understood everything. Akum – the butterfly spirits who make their prey a villain. It turns out that Akum decided not to let Marinette go to the defense of the city and hidden her superhero costume. We can help the girl, finding all the butterflies.

Features to make your Ladybug Secret Mission game better

You have to find all the elements of the superheroine costume so that she can go on patrol. The pieces of the costume will look like butterflies. They can be hidden in a variety of places, starting from the sofa and ending by the chair. Your main goal is to find all the items but some of them are well disguised, so be prepared to be attentive.

Look carefully in all corners and as soon as you notice Akum, immediately click on it with the mouse to catch it. In each room, there will be a certain amount of Akum, and when you collect them – you will get one thing. Thus, you will need to find six dark butterflies in the bedroom, bathroom and living room. At first, it will seem difficult, but as it progresses, it will get easier. After a successful search, you will need to assemble a puzzle to get a mask, leggings, and sweater of Lady Bug. To make Ladybug Secret Mission a more understandable game for you, you can use life hack and watch the reviews of other players. This way, you can immediately show your best and go through the mission faster.

How to play for Ladybug Secret Mission

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