Lego DC Mighty Micros: free online game

If you like cool games about superheroes and supervillains in which you can demonstrate your attentiveness, speed, and reaction, then Lego DC Mighty Micros will help you to unleash your full potential and enjoy an exciting game with an interesting plot.

What is Lego DC Mighty Micros?

Lego DC Mighty Micros is a fascinating game about a famous character from the beloved Batman movie. You can play it online for free. Batman is a unique superhero, which does not interfere with the lack of super abilities because he copes well without them thanks to his well-being. His family was very rich, but when Bruce was a child, his parents were shot, so the youngest Wayne received the entire inheritance. When he grew up, he joined the League of Shadows and destroyed it because the League was going to destroy his hometown – Gotham. He returned to Gotham to save it from crime and came up with a unique image of a batman. This image became what people believed in and decided to fight crime themselves.

Bruce Wayne is not only in Gotham but also in Lego City. Here he is the same hero – he rescues Lego City from various criminals who occasionally appear from time to time. Now you need to help the protagonist cope with the most dangerous opponent who appeared in his way – the Joker. You will need all your skills to complete this mission and bring peace to Lego City again.

Features to make your Lego DC Mighty Micros game better

In the game Lego DC Mighty Micros, you have to search and catch the criminal villains from the DC Comic Universe, riding on a cool Batmobile. At the first level, you must help Batman catch Cat woman, who robbed a bank. So, take your seat and get ready for an exciting chase on the track with obstacles, jumps, and bonuses.

As the game progresses, you must collect the necessary bonuses to unlock new heroes, levels and maps. To complete the levels, you need to show everything you can do. It will help you to collect as many bonuses as possible, and then you will be able to get new resources. You can take advantage of a small life hack – watch some reviews from other users to get better acquainted with the rules and show your best even on the first level.

How to play for Lego DC Mighty Micros

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