Longest stair: free online game

If you like interesting games with simple rules in which you can play online for free, then Longest staircase is a great option to have fun.

What is Longest stair?

Longest stair is a cool game in which you enter the Kogam universe, where a small boy Kogama with a square head explores everything cubic and geometrically correct.

Imagine that you see the longest staircase in the world on which you will need to climb before you. The main character has such an opportunity, as he finds a ladder, the end of which is lost somewhere highly in the sky. Of course, the blonde-haired boy decides to explore this miracle of the engineering mind, hoping to find the end of the stairs and reach paradise.

Features to make your Longest stair game better

Cheerful explorer Kogama moves up the stairs at speed, jumping over the steps. Your task is to help him with this. However, your character is not the only person there because the whole army of others is running up as well. All of them will try to throw you off the stairs, and you need to answer the offenders with the same. The meaning of the passage is to overtake other users who have decided to make an endless ascent. Unlike other Kogam projects, this will not have deadly traps or weapons that would help eliminate competitors. Only fair race, only rise. Step by step to victory, to the title of champion Kogam. Maneuver and dodge, and only then you will be able to reach the end of the stairs first!

In this game, the guy will have to try hard to get to the edge of the stairs, but the further he progresses, the more bonuses he earns. So go ahead and you will succeed! The ladder is not endless, and you will understand it very soon! In order to show your best and understand the meaning of the game, you can use the small life hack and watch some reviews of other more experienced players.

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