Wrestle Jump: free online game

How to play for Wrestle Jump


Mafakafanta says:

Wrestle jump? Oh, it looks like harmless Mortal Combat with two ”athletic” guys. Pretty fun. Infuriates me that bot is stronger than me. I have never been able to defeat him in all 5 rounds. It is sad. Also, why very strange sound is producing when guy gets head blow? A bit strange.

Dasha says:

Wrestle Jump is a very fun game, very similar to the game “Mortal Combat”, the game is pretty easy, but in some places it’s difficult, I’m playing the twelfth day, m sorry, but I think everything it turns out)). The graphics are so painstaking, it looks very funny when they both hit their heads on the asphalt, in general, I advise everyone to play! :))

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