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Crazy Motorbike: free online game

When you are small, you are given cars and motorcycles, you play with them, imagine how they drive and ram everything around, but when you grow up a little, you realize that you can play motorcycle games on the computer and drive along roads without no limit.

What is Crazy Motorbike?

Crazy Motorbike game is a competition organized with a computer or your friends. Choosing the track and the bike, you must get to the finish line first and not smash the bike.

Crazy Motorbike is a game about motorcycles and racing, created specifically for you to get adrenaline from the speed and obstacles that you overcome on your bike. When you play online for free, you have the opportunity to understand how a motorcycle or a sports bike works, how its motor looks like and what needs to be done so as not to hack it. Thus, Crazy Motorbike is one of the best games with simple rules in which you can experience the things described above.

Features to make your Crazy Motorbike game better

Before you sit on your two-wheeled friend, which can accelerate to 300 km per hour, do not forget to wear a helmet. Of course, when you sit behind the monitor of your computer and play motorcycle-racing games, you may not feel the wind in your face, but adrenaline is guaranteed. Playing online motorbike games, you seem to be transported there, as well as to feel the full speed.

The essence of the Crazy Motorbike is to reach the finish line and not fall from the bike. Jumping over obstacles, passing jumps and doing somersaults in the air, you should not touch any object – otherwise, the round will have to be repeated. Be bold and fast, do your tasks perfectly and get rewards. To improve your skills and learn new tricks, you can periodically watch the reviews of other players who have already gained credibility.

How to play for Crazy Motorbike

Slash FRVR: free online game

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Street Pursuit: free online game

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Mighty Motors: free online game

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Eggs & Cars: free online game

In the modern world, many things are transported by car. For this, many services are engaged in the delivery of goods. Some carry furniture, some carry food. Would you like to try your hand at transporting? There are many games with simple rules where you get this opportunity. Eggs & Cars will be one of the best options where you can become a car driver. Moreover, you can play it online for free.

What is Eggs & Cars?

Eggs & Cars is a game with a rather peculiar scenario. You will be transporting a very fragile load. A car with an egg will be before you. You need to drive it from point A to point B and not break the egg.

It will be possible to cope with the application process only if you are a calm person and do not like to nerve. Then the ride should be excellent and smooth. In other cases, things may not be so colorful. So, let us explain to you how to play the game. You start to move very slowly and you should immediately forget about acceleration. It is forbidden to drive fast in this game, so move smoothly, slowly and take your time. If it works, then you need to be patient, because you can move forward this way for a very long time. On the road, there will be many pits, bumps and other obstacles. You need to show all your dexterity and accuracy to overcome them.

Features to make your Eggs & Cars game better

On the way, you will collect coins, which you will spend later on purchasing new cars, and you must first unlock them in the store, setting certain records. Remember that if you do something wrong, the egg will fall on the road and hack. In this case, you lose the round and start the Eggs & Cars game again.

Control of the car is carried out with the help of arrows “right” and “left”. They are responsible for moving back and forth of your car. Try to achieve a better result and no matter how many attempts will be spent on it. In addition, you can watch the reviews of more experienced players and learn useful tricks.

How to play for Eggs & Cars

Car Speed Booster: free online game

Online applications allow you to realize the dreams of a very different nature, even a trip on a fast car. Therefore, if you prefer active and exciting games with simple rules, then Car Speed ​​Booster is the best way to get a drive and boost your driving skills.

What is Car Speed Booster?

Car Speed ​​Booster game is a new online race to test your speed and agility. This is a kind of driving simulator in which you can play online for free.

Starting the game, you will find yourself on the track, where other cars will drive you to the meeting. So, fasten your seat belts, get ready for the race and go. Your task is to collect coins scattered throughout the lane of the track. A large number of oncoming cars, which should be avoided, will drive towards your car. It is quite simple to do this, you just need to hold your car with the left mouse button and move the cursor along the roadway. Try to do it smoothly because you can jump on the next car, which suddenly appears in front of you, by an accident. If this happens, your car ride will be over. If you wish, you can start the trip again, trying to beat your previous result, which of course will be recorded.

Features to make your Car Speed Booster game better

A large number of coins that need to be collected, moving the car from one lane to another, will roll on the road. In addition, you have to collect other bonuses that will make your trip more exciting. They differ in appearance from ordinary coins and are located in a transparent circle. For example, a bonus gain will help you increase your speed by several kilometers. This is good for driving a long way, but at the same time, it is dangerous since other motorists may encounter you. Try not to miss any of them, blasting everything in front of you or speeding up your car for a while.

Patience, speed and accuracy will help you in passing different levels of Car Speed ​​Booster. Overcome distance after distance, setting new records. You need to learn how to drive at high speed in order to overcome more obstacles. In the course of passing the level, the speed of your car will increase, and there will be more other cars on the track. Therefore, to improve your skills, you can use a small life hack and from time to time watch the game’s reviews of more experienced players.

How to play for Car Speed Booster

TenTrix: free online game

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Cut the Rope: Experiments: free online game

If you like fun and entertaining games with simple and clear rules, then Cut the Rope: Experiment is the best one you can play online for free.

What is Cut the Rope: Experiment?

Cut the Rope: Experiment is a game about the frog Om Nom, who lives in a cozy and warm apartment with people. He is a decorative frog, who was bought at the pet store. His owners pampered him from childhood, so our hero loves various candies and sweets. He is ready to eat them in kilograms and quite often penetrated into the kitchen to pull off a couple of candies.

Today in Cut the Rope: Experiment game we will help our hero in this adventure. Candies in bright skins, hanging on a rope, will be seen in front of us on the screen. Below them, you can find our main hero. We need, having carefully studied the entire visible field, to make it so that when the strings are broken, the candy falls into the mouth to our Om Nom. To do this, we clicked on the desired rope, as if we cut it, and the candy will change its location. Be careful and plan your moves correctly. After all, if you do something wrong, then our hero will not be able to eat candies.

Features to make your Cut the Rope: Experiment game better

The faster you feed the sweet monster Om Nom with sweets hanging on strings, the more points you get. You should experiment with suckers and other strange devices, collect golden stars, look for hidden prizes and unlock new levels in this entertaining, funny, and physics-based game.

In Cut the Rope: Experiment game, you will have to wait for different levels in which you need to take logical options, think through the trajectory of the candy and bypass different obstacles. Use objects that can help you, for example, an air cushion – it blows air onto a lollipop and thus moves it. You can also shove candy in a soap bubble and when it will rise up you can hack the bubble at any time and use the height it has gained. For each level, you will be rated in the form of stars. You can score three stars for each level. It means that you have done an excellent job. Evaluation of one star says that you have not really tried. Any level can always be replayed to get the best grade, or you can start the next one. In addition, to improve your skills, you can watch the reviews of other players and take a couple of useful tricks.

How to play for Cut the Rope: Experiments

Princess: From Catwalk To Everyday Fashion: free online game

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